Samuel Eto Launches Fresh Attack On Jose Mourinho.


Samuel Eto’o has once again hit out at Chelsea manager José Mourinho by labelling the Portuguese a “puppet” following comments about the striker’s age and fitness.

The 33-year-old called his manager a “fool” just last week after it was revealed that Mourinho had suggested that Eto’o might be older than his officially stated age, a common problem in African football.

However, Eto’o is determined that such negative comments will not keep him from continuing to play at the very top level. Speaking to, the veteran striker said “contrary to what a puppet (Mourinho) says about my age I am still physically fit”. He went on to say “at 33, I feel real good. I have proven that I could do better than youths”.

The former Barcelona and Inter Milan striker is also drawing inspiration from Cameroonian legend Roger Mila and wants to continue playing until after his 40th birthday. He commented “I am 33 and I have two World Cups to play. Before me there are other players who went on until the age of 41. So I can continue.”

However, after signing just a one year contract at Chelsea last summer, and with a clear breakdown in his relationship with Mourinho it is more than likely Eto’o’s future will not be at Stamford Bridge.

But that is not to say he is prepared to step down a level as he still wants to remain playing with the best clubs on the biggest stage. On his future, Eto’o said, “I wish to also say that I am not going to the United States or to the Middle East. I will continue at the top level. I will continue to play the Champions League. My romance with this competition is far from over. I will not tell you where, but I will be at the top level”.

Eto’o will lead his country into the World Cup in Brazil this summer, but despite being drawn in a group with the host nation he remains confidently defiant, “Eto’o is not scared. Cameroon is not scared”. He was also clear to state that “Africa will have its say in Brazil”.

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