Manchester United the Most-Watched English Team in USA


Even though Man United struggled this season and had their worst campaign in about 25 years, they were still the most watched English club over in America. This was a big year for the Premier League since the NBC television network shelled out huge amounts of cash for broadcasting rights on a multi-year deal.

But even though America’s population is somewhere around 300 million, the number of viewers for the Premier League pales when compared to other nations and other sports watched on TV in the U.S. According to NBC, an average of 557,000 fans tuned into Man United matches this season. The second most-watched club was Liverpool as they attracted 519,000 viewers per televised game.

They were followed by Chelsea at 515,000 per contest, then Swansea City at 485,000 per game and Arsenal at 477,000. The Premier League’s new champions Man City came in sixth on the list with an average of 456,000 viewers each match.

According to the network, the least-watched teams on average were Hull City with 302,000 viewers, West Brom with 315,000, then Fulham at 332,000, Stoke City at 339,000 and Southampton with 343,000 a game.

These figures were compiled from televised matches on the NBC network as well as NBCSN and other channels owned by the broadcaster such as CNBC and USA.

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