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Manchester City chief executive Ferran Soriano has stirred the pot in Manchester United’s apparent pursuit of Louis van Gaal, by claiming that the Dutch coach’s confrontational personality only serves to alienate players wherever he works.

Soriano and van Gaal have never previously crossed paths, but they have both worked for Barcelona, and the City chief believes the Dutchman perhaps isn’t quite all he’s cracked up to be.

The Daily Mail has published comment made by Soriano at a press conference in March, several weeks before United’s interest in van Gaal surfaced, but his words still stand to reason.

Speaking about the veteran coach, the Spaniard remarked:

“If you treat your people badly, they remember. One day you make an error and they kill you. I’ve seen this in many clubs. Louis van Gaal has been a very good coach in many clubs but his style is very difficult. The same thing happened to him in Barcelona as in Bayern Munich.

He is very tough, people don’t like him, but he wins. And one day you don’t win — and when you don’t win, everybody that is angry with you will come back to you and try to kill you. In the movies this works, in real life it doesn’t.”

Though no decision has been announced, United are believed to have been in advanced talks with van Gaal and his representatives for several weeks. However, despite damning reports that David Moyes’ managerial methods alienated several of his players, there doesn’t seem to be any concern over the potential for van Gaal to so the same.

If United do strike a deal with van Gaal, an announcement will be expected before the Dutchman takes charge of his national side at the World Cup, with an immediate start at Old Trafford upon the tournament’s conclusion.


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