MY WORST NIGHTMARE!! ( Concluding Part)

Hey Guys, We bring you the Concluding Part of My Worst Nightmare….

“Mom, I am sorry”
Feyisayo was carried away by her emotions and so engrossed in her pains, she didn’t realize her sobs had awoken her son or that he was talking to her.
“Mom, please don’t cry. I promise not to fall sick again”
Now aware of another presence in the room she cleaned her face and moved close to her son.
“No baby, you don’t have to be sorry. It is not your fault that you are sick”
“But you are angry with me mom”
“No my love, I’m not.”
“Then why were you crying? Why do you look so sad mom? I feel sad for spoiling your life”
Tobiloba’s words cut her off guard as she hadn’t expected such a statement from her son.
“Sweetheart, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are not spoiling my life. Remember mommy loves you” She held him close.
“But granny always said you couldn’t bear to look at me for two years after I was born. She said you hate me, that you hate my father and that is why you don’t talk to him and th…” Feyisayo couldn’t believe her mom would actually say such things to her son.
“Oluwatobiloba, grandma was lying. Did she really tell you all these?”
“No mom, I heard her telling Aunty Shalewa one afternoon like that”
Feyisayo broke down in tears and held her son close to her heart.
“Oluwatobiloba, mom loves you. It’s true that horrible things happened to me but I would never take my anger out on you”
“But you do mom, you always say I’m just like my useless father. Who is my father mom?”
“Not now dear,I am sorry for saying such things to you”
“Did he hurt you mom? Take me to him so I can tell him I hate him for hurting my mom”
“Yes, he did hurt me my love but you don’t have to hate him for hurting me.

Hating someone only brings pain to you yourself. I just realized how bad my hatred for your father that I’ve carried for the past ten years of my life has affected my relationship with people around me and most especially with you my dear. Don’t hate him, love him because if not for his mistake I wouldn’t have you” She kissed him on the head.
“Okay mom, I love you. I am sorry too mom” He hugged her
“Thanks dear, time for you to sleep. The doctor said you need that a lot”
“Okay mom, goodnight. You’re the best mom ever” He kissed her and closed his eyes to sleep like an angel.
Feyisayo sat there looking at him as he smiled in his sleep. She was wondering how she had become her worst nightmare “A single mother who takes out her frustration on the world and her son, a single mother who paste her sorrow on her face for the world to see, a single mother who sought pity from the world” She said aloud.
She was brought up by such a mother and didn’t want her son to suffer the same fate as herself; she made up her mind not to be such a mother from that day onward, she wanted change.
No matter how bad things I’ve been, better days are ahead, she shouldn’t let her past or situations kill her joy

She smiled as her mind went back to ten years ago when the boat of her life changed direction.

She was……….



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