“Tobiloba! Turn off that TV, time for morning devotion” Feyisayo shouted at the top of her voice. Screaming and threatening had become a daily way of life to get Tobiloba to settle down for morning devotion, Bible was obviously not an area of interest to the 7year old.

“Mooommmy, the cartoon is about to end. Don’t want to go through that boring session of bible stories again, Young Justice is more fun than all those stories” He yelled back. Having been brought up by his grandmother, he wasn’t used to being denied what he wanted. It’s been 1year now since he moved in with his mom who certainly had different approach, on how to raise a son, from his grandma.

“Mr Man! God comes first in this house, cartoon can wait” Feyisayo said switching off the TV.
“Mom! That’s not fair! I want to go back to grandma’s place.” With a pout and folded shoulder, he let out a loud cry.
“Where did I ever go wrong with you? I don’t know what to do again, I’m just too young for this, I am not ready for this….” Feyisayo broke down in tears.
Tobiloba’s expression became confused, not realizing why his mom was crying. Son and mother’s issue settled because of tears as they only could comfort each other.

Broad Street can be said to be the Wall Street of Lagos, Nigeria. It is the home to various banks, companies and offices, always turns out busy on workdays; most especially on Mondays. At night it’s as silent as a graveyard as only securities stay awake at their duty posts but working hours prove to be total opposite.

Men and women who didn’t seem to be aware of each other were scurrying down the walk way on this particular morning, each with their own problems in mind; a provoking boss, a resume to submit, job insecurity, insufficient income, wife problem, landlord issue, an office temptress, a meeting to catch up with….

Feyisayo who looked worried and disoriented barged into a man who appeared to have too much on his mind.
“Oh no! You didn’t, that is the last straw. I can’t” She bent on her knees and tried to gather her files together ,as if they are the broken pieces of her life, without seeming to be aware of the intruder’s presence.

“Sorry Miss didn’t mean to upset you. Please calm down and let me help you with that” The intruder was obviously taken in by the young woman’s unhappiness, wondering why such a beautiful woman could be on the brink of breakdown. He arranged the files and handed them over to her.
“Here Miss” Feyisayo didn’t even bother looking at him as she collected her files and scuffled off the walk way.

Feyisayo had a meeting scheduled for 10am which she wasn’t prepared for. Tobiloba had taken ill over the weekend and she was conditioned to stay with him at the hospital. She had to rush down to office from the hospital early with the hope that she will tidy her work up before 10; unfortunately for her the traffic demon struck that morning. She just couldn’t hold it together as she felt nature was against her.

She sat at her desk weeping and just concluded that she was going to be jobless in few hours time. Her head was bent when she heard a voice that sounded familiar.
“Miss Akande, sorry to disturb you but the meeting has been postponed. You can take the day off, put yourself together and prepare for 10am tomorrow”
“Excuse me, who are you?” Feyisayo said with her face flooded with confusion.
“Pardon my insolence, I’m Bode Peters”
Realization dawning on her on whom he was, she jerked off her chair.
“OMG! So sorry, didn’t know it was you. Please forgive me, I’m not usually so disorganized…” She said trying to adjust herself and tidy her desk.
“I understand. We all have a bad day sometimes. Not about to get on the bad book of one of my father’s favourite lawyers” He sized her up as he spoke, he was surprised that even with swollen eyes and cheeks with no makeup on she still looked downright gorgeous.
“Well, I will forgive you only on one condition” he said with a mischievous smile
Feyisayo looked confused at his words “Sir? What condition is that?”
“I will forgive you only if you promise to forgive me for barging into you on the walkway”
Feyisayo knowing why the voice sounded so familiar, he was the intruder who sent her files flying.
“Oh! Didn’t even have any grudge against the man even before I realized it was you. I forgive you sir so am I forgiven now?” She said, trying to force a smile.
“You are forgiven Miss Akande, I’ve been known to find it difficult staying angry at beautiful women like yourself. Do have a lovely day off. I look forward to us working together” He smiled and was off.

Feyisayo sighed with relief, she had been choking for air and for a brief moment she forgot her sorrows. She had never met such a guy who wasn’t very handsome but still took her breath away; she approximated his height to be 6’2, dark, neatly shaved and she bet she could smell his after shave lotion, nicely cut hair.
“Oh God! That guy sure knows how to wear a suit” She didn’t know she had uttered that aloud.
“No No No, Feyisayo! What are you doing? You are a single mother with ten years old boy at twenty-six, all he needs is to find out and he will run like the others did” She said amidst tears.
Realizing where she was, she jumped up and started parking up her things. She ran down the walkway, jumped into her car and off she went back to her son.

Check Out for Part 2 On Wednesday

By Adanlawo Lola
Lola is a Young Nigerian with a Great Passion for Writing. She has Over 20 Stories yet to be Published.


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