Letter to Friends 4.7.14



Hello Friends,

As Easter approaches we all have been bitten by the Pysanky bug.  Sophia chose to do her 9th grade long term project on Ukrainian Pysanky eggs.  Sophia and Sharon Leandre (formerly Sharon Bush, who came to Haiti with us and is now back in Pittsburgh) went to the Holy Virgin Orthodox church in Carnegie to get an introduction.  They were there for 3 hours and Sophia came home ecstatic with a gorgeous egg. To really see the intricate design she just needed to melt and remove the layers of wax from it.  sophi spring 2014 174

It was 11:30 pm and we old people needed some sleep so we left her happily hunched over a candle, melting and wiping the wax from her egg.  Just as we were climbing into bed…

sophi spring 2014 176

(Shriek!) “No NO NO NO NO NO OH NO!!”  Yes, my friends, you create Pysanky with raw eggs and hers had slipped…

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