Dutch Legend Johan Cruyff Warns Mourinho Over Losing the Chelsea Dressing Room.

Former Barcelona star and Dutch legend Johan Cruyff has hit out at Chelsea boss Mourinho, claiming that the Portuguese boss will lose the Chelsea dressing room sooner or later if he continues to blame his players whenever the results go against them.

In a statement ahead of Chelsea’s clash at home to Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of their Champions League tie, the Dutch legend was quoted as saying, “PSG have a strong team with some great players.

“Chelsea have some great players as well, but Mourinho seems to disagree.

“It’s always the same with him. When things are going well, it’s the result of his good work, but the players are to blame when things are going badly.

“He already lost the dressing room at Real Madrid because of that and I can see the same happening at Chelsea.”
Dutch Legend

The former Barcelona man, who notably has a long-standing feud with Mourinho, did not stop short to lay further into the Portuguese manager, accusing him of placing too much emphasis on the results to the point that creative players in the team could not fully express themselves on the pitch.

Cryuff said, “The problem is that he always goes for the result.

“That is subordinate to everything, even the best players he has running around. It is short-term thinking and I do not have much time for it.”

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has been more than famous for liking to stamp his authority on a club, being unafraid to freeze out star players for as long as they don’t play according to ways he wanted. His open criticism of Madrid club icon Iker Casillas (and his subsequent benching of the Spanish international) had proved to be the main talk engulfing his last months in the Spanish capital, but that sort of “controversy” was soon brought over to Chelsea, where Mourinho froze Juan Mata out of the team before selling him to league rivals Manchester United.

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