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Former Chelsea full back Glen Johnson has lifted the lid on his feelings towards Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, stating that his current manager Brendan Rodgers is a better boss.

Johnson currently plays under Rodgers at Liverpool and told the Daily Mail of some difficult moments encountered with Mourinho during his time at Stamford Bridge.

“It was difficult for me under Jose at Chelsea because there was a moment when he said I deserved to play on merit,” Johnson recalled.

“He said if I played well in the next game I would play the week after. I got man of the match so he couldn’t drop me.

“Then in the next game he said the same thing and I got man of the match again. Then we had another game and after that Barcelona. I remember speaking to my agent and saying,
‘He won’t play me in this game because if I play well then he has to play me against Barcelona,’ and I knew that wasn’t going to happen.”

“He didn’t play me in that game and from that moment I just lost it and thought, ‘Well, how am I meant to respect you now? It’s just finished’.

“Brendan wouldn’t do that. He’s shown that if you’re good enough you’re old enough and you’ll play in the big games if you deserve to. So in terms of man-management, Brendan is definitely better.”

Rodgers has guided Liverpool into the thick of this season’s title race and while the Championship isn’t being talked about at Anfield, the improvement from last season is obvious. Johnson puts that down to the ability that Rodgers has and how he has transformed the club.

“Mourinho is one of the best in the world and I would never say he’s not because of what happened between us. But Brendan is different to Jose, he has his own mentality and is definitely one of the best.

“Some managers like the thought of playing the way Brendan does but haven’t got the confidence or know how to pull it off. Others would probably have panicked and changed their philosophy just to try and win. But Brendan was mentally strong enough and knew what he was trying to implement was right and that once we grabbed hold of it we would be a success.”


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