Among other controversial subjects is gender equality. This controversy arises as a result of divergent views about gender, and the inequality between both. But we seem to forget that we are first humans; Humans with equal rights, humans that should be accorded the same level of respect, humans that should not discriminate against one another on the basis of gender or any other basis for that matter.

The issue of gender equality has, one way, or another, led to the rise of certain groups, but in the real sense of it, these groups have over-flogged the issue, as they tend to become too aggressive in expressing their views, causing further imbalance in the society. In fact, if anything, they tend to unknowingly aggravate the level of inequality that is already prevalent in the society. This is what the United Nations’ Rights Universal Declaration of Human Rights is guarding against. With this, the UN seeks to create equality in law, in social situations, in political participations, and also in securing equal pay for all.

Having said these, UNICEF, under the UN, sheds a better and a more healthy light on what gender equality means. According to UNICEF, gender equality “means that men and women, and boys and girls, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protection. It does not require that men and women, and boys and girls to be the same or that they treated exactly alike.” With this, the United Nations have put certain projects in focus that further buttress the issue of gender equality. One of these projects is the United Nations Millennium Project, which claims that “every single goal is directly related to women’s rights, and societies where women are not afforded equal rights, as men, can never achieve development in a suitable manner.” This means that gender equality, to a very large extent, promotes and maintains economic development. The reason is not far- fetched as the society gets the balance it needs to thrive.

A veritable example of where this project needs to be addressed is the African continent alongside the countries in the Middle-East, where the female folk are treated as “second fiddle”. But if this project is implemented with its claim, the African economy together with the Middle-East, would get the balance it needs to thrive, and this, to a very large extent is linked with political participation, because the super structure (which is the political system) of any state is a perfect reflection of the sub structure (which is the economy).

Be that as it may, we all have a role to play in establishing and maintaining gender equality in every sphere. We have a duty to our economy and our political system.

I strongly recommend that schools could infuse gender equality into the co-curriculum to re-orientate the young minds and spread the holistic truth about gender equality and should also be careful not to sensitise the girls to be violent feminists.
The world would indeed be a better place if we treat each other first as humans, and focus on the strength each gender possesses and harness them to give the globe the balance it needs.


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