The Premier League race is heating up and so is the war of words between Jose Mourinho and Manchester City boss, Manuel Pellegrini.

Last week, the special one Launched a stinging attack on Pellegrini saying he inherited a powerful team and that the Citizens have been fortunate with referring decisions. The Chilean didn’t take too kindly to these comments and responded by saying:

“That’s given them two points more.(The penalty given to Chelsea against Hull) If he is talking about the decision we had at Tottenham, everyone said Rose touched the ball with his left leg before he tackled Dzeko.

“But we had had six clear chances by that stage, it wasn’t like the game changed in that moment. The other decision at Newcastle, referees at the beginning of the season would not have said offside, now they might say offside, but still we scored a goal more. It was not a goal that decided the match.”

Mourinho also compared the City squad to his own saying when Pellegrini, arrived at the Etihad in the Summer, “The team was there ready for him”.

“We are not a squad like Man City’s with every player in the best moment of their careers of the age of stability between 25 and their 30s, all of them working together for a long time, a manager (Pellegrini) that arrived and the team was there ready for him.

“We are different. We are beginning. Of course we dream to win the Premier League and if we have the chance to win we’re not going to say we don’t want to but we don’t have the same responsibilities.”

Meanwhile, the Manchester City boss shrugged off Mourinho’s comments about Chelsea being a small horse. He said The Blues have the funds and resources available and that they themselves have been one of the Premier League’s heaviest spenders:

“Maybe it is a small horse if the manager thinks like that. It can be a little horse, but very rich.”

“This is the team that has spent most money in the last 10 years, is the team that spent most money this year and the team that spent the most money in the transfer window. So, little – but rich.”

The 60 year old concluded with the Premier League title race, saying Arsenal currently have an “important advantage” but it will be a fight between the three clubs until the end.

“I think it will be very close with Chelsea and Arsenal. Arsenal are the favourites because they have two points’ lead in the table.

“I am sure the three will fight to the end for the title.”

Chelsea host Newcastle United at Stamford Bridge later today whilst Manchester City are away at Norwich.


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