After a tremendous display against Manchester City, the question has begun to surface again of whether former England captain John Terry should be recalled by Roy Hodgson.

With the World Cup only four months away and Terry in fine form, many believe it could be perfect for England and Terry if he was allowed to grace himself on the big stage one last time.

Having cemented himself as Jose Mourinho’s first choice centre half alongside fellow England international Gary Cahill, playing every second of every game in the Premier League so far this season, Terry has proven that he still has the stamina and ability to play at the highest level.

Although his ability is plain to see, the main issue with giving Terry another chance in the England set up is the previous history that the Chelsea defender would bring back into the spotlight.

In 2012, Terry was at the centre of controversy when he was charged with racially abusing Anton Ferdinand in a game against Queens Park Rangers which took place in 2011. Terry subsequently received a four match ban and in the build up to the FA hearing he stood down as England captain, a move that many saw as Terry admitting his wrongdoing.

After the hearing the FA released a statement which indicated that given the new rules and code of conduct, any player who was convicted of such an offence would be banned from ever playing for England again, therefore making the chance of a Terry and England renaissance an almost certain no-go.

This wouldn’t be the only issue that Hodgson would have to address with a main stumbling block possibly being the effect a return could have on the morale of the rest of the squad, especially if that return was at the biggest competition in world football. Would the risk of causing a rift among players by including Terry in the squad outweigh not including him and having a content and settled squad?

Personally I believe John Terry does deserve a recall to the England squad because his experience and ability to read the game would fit in perfectly amongst the younger members of the squad. If he was to replicate the performances that Mourinho has got out of him this season then he would be a crucial member of the team. Whether he should be selected for the World Cup should be decided after giving him the chance to play in the upcoming friendly against Denmark.

I don’t decide the England team, though, and unless the FA were to rethink what their rules indicate, which is not beyond the realms of possibility, it is unlikely that Terry will ever don the famous Three Lions shirt again.

Would you take John Terry to the World Cup? Do you think the FA should re-think their decision?

By James Nelson


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