PLANE CRASH: Four Family Members Killed.


A Nashville plane crash on Monday night claimed the lives of all four family members on board a small aircraft which went down near to the YMCA. Cars in the YMCA parking lot were reportedly damaged, but no injuries on the ground were reported.

The flight plan listed a total of four people on board the Gulfstream 690C, which departed from Great Bend Municipal Airport just before 3 pm on Monday. The aircraft crashed about 10 miles south of its destination, John C. Tune Airport, at around 5 pm.

Authorities told reporters that the light aircraft missed its first approach and was preparing for a second one when it crashed. Police said the plane hit trees next to the YMCA building before hitting the ground. The debris from the Nashville plane crash is said to be spread over an 80 yard area.

Morgan MacGavin, who was drinking coffee at a nearby Starbucks, said she and other customers ran outside when they heard the crash and saw thick plumes of smoke: “It looked like someone had poured gasoline on a bonfire. It was probably the largest fire I have ever seen in my life,” she said.

The plane itself was registered to an agriculture company located near Great Bend. The identities of the people killed in the Nashville plane crash have not been released.

Jessica Fain, the YMCA of Middle Tennessee’s Senior VP of marketing and communications, confirmed to the media that the YMCA building was immediately evacuated: “Members have been evacuated as a safety precaution, and emergency personnel have been called to the scene,” Fain said.

Federal investigators made their way to the scene of the crash in order to carry out an immediate investigation into what may have led to the tragic Nashville plane crash.


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