DAVID MOYES: Sir Alex Ferguson Chose the Summer Shopping List.


David Moyes has stated today that Sir Alex Ferguson actually made the call on who Manchester United would pursue in the summer transfer window.

“The transfer window was difficult because I wasn’t put into the job until July 1st. I wasn’t in and around Carrington, I couldn’t be here and that was a little bit of a difficult time in the summer. Overall, though, I had an idea of what was required. We had 2 or 3 targets in mind”.

“Sir Alex told me what was needed. I was mainly working off Sir Alex’s blueprint from the coaching staff and scouting staff. There were 2 or 3 players that we just didn’t pull off at the last minute on a couple of occasions. I did feel that when you come in, you need to assess your squad and everybody an opportunity. Hopefully most players would say they had some great games, some would like more but we have tried to give everybody that chance”.

If Sir Alex had an influence on the targets that Moyes went for in the summer, then it is left to be seen if the same targets will be involved in the speculation the January transfer window brings about or will David Moyes take charge of who he is going to bring in now that he has assessed the squad?


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