Two people were killed and six others were wounded following a shooting outside several bars in the US state of Louisiana Thursday, media reported.

The incident happened early Thursday morning in Slidell in east Louisiana, Xinhua reported citing the website of the Times-Picayune. Police believe an “ongoing feud” that was re-ignited inside one of the bars and at some point spilled out onto the street led to the deadly shooting.

Police said that one person died at the scene and another died later at an area hospital. Six others were injured. Police did not elaborate on their conditions.

Police said they believe there was one shooter and that they have identified a potential suspect, but will not release any information yet citing “sensitive nature of the investigation”.

Witnesses said they saw fighting at the scene and that during the altercations several gunshots were fired into the crowd. One of the dead victims and some of the injured were innocent bystanders.

Several businesses in the area have surveillance cameras, and police are using that footage in their investigation.


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