Adnan Januzaj Can Be the Next Ronaldo- Moyes


Manchester United manager David Moyes believes Adnan Januzaj can emulate Real Madrid star, and arguably the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Just like Ronaldo, the 18-year-old has made a blistering start to his career at Old Trafford and has become an instant hit with United fans.

Januzaj has been a stand out performer for United this season. His composure and skill has seen comparisons to a young Ronaldo during his time at the club.

There is no doubt the Belgian possesses a great amount of skill, but his quick footwork and light frame has resulted in the youngster spending more time on the floor than on his feet. The midfielder has been given a tough time in recent weeks and Moyes has accused opposition of kicking Januzaj from ‘pillar to post’.

However, Moyes believes the tough tackles will stand to do Januzaj some good if he wants to emulate Ronaldo.

“At the moment they are kicking him but it is right, they also kicked Ronaldo and look at the player he went on to be.” Moyes said.

“Adnan will also go on to become a great player in time. At the moment the job is to make sure he is able to play.”

If Januzaj keeps performing like he has been in recent weeks, he is sure to become a hugely influential player for Manchester United in the future.


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