Its no exaggeration when people say that social media has changed the way we consume content and the world of media. Nowadays, social media platforms are not just a place to connect with old friends and to follow celebrities but also a medium for breaking news. Companies and celebrities are now using social media to connect with their audience directly. This means that they often make announcements and post news updates about their companies directly to their fans, followers and customers much before traditional media outlets get a wind of them.

Do you want to know which social media websites are the best for the latest breaking news the fastest? Of all the social media websites, we think these are the best to learn the latest in the world.


Without a doubt, the best place to get the latest news is Twitter. Its powers of causing revolutions are legendary and many news channels often depend on Twitter to get breaking news. Take for example the Royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The news was first announced on Twitter, directly by the Royal family. The raid on Abbottabad that ultimately lead to the death of Osama Bin Laden was also leaked via Twitter.

People of Abbottabad tweeted live updates of what they were seeing and hearing and even though the operation was completely top secret, the Twitterverse was buzzing with excitement and mystery. Although this news was unintentionally leaked on Twitter, it gave the world a first person view of the raid. Another reason why Twitter is so popular is because news on this platform is unedited and not taken out of context intentionally. People tweet what they experience and some of it just happens to be events on a global scale. Other news stories that broke first on Twitter are the Boston Marathon Bombings, the death of Whitney Houston and the earthquake in China in 2008.


LinkedIn is touted as the social networking website for professionals. Instead of just connecting with friends and wasting time playing games, LinkedIn offers users a chance to connect with professionals and improve job opportunities. Changes were made in LinkedIn to allow people to post content. As the site mainly attracts professionals looking to further their career and make business contacts, it has become a hub for business related news. You may not find the latest funny cat pictures but you will find latest news on social media marketing, content marketing, finance, business, etc. on LinkedIn.

Companies and senior professionals often use LinkedIn to publish their articles and insights and it is a great place for news pertaining to specific industries. There is no doubt about the fact that Twitter does offer more variety of breaking news items and it does seem to be much quicker, but LinkedIn is the place for news on the economy and finance. As Twitter has more followers and more engagement, news also travels faster on Twitter.


Yes, the biggest social network is also great for getting breaking news. Facebook is not just for playing Candy Crush and posting funny videos, it is also a great place to connect directly with brands and celebrities. As a result, Facebook users often have the privilege of finding out the latest news and updates from their favorite brands and artists. Moreover, the collective power of over a billion active users also ensures that news travels fast on Facebook.

Now that hashtags are present on Facebook, finding news and other trending items have also become easier. There are many celebrities who make announcements on Facebook instead of press conferences. Many companies that have Facebook business pages also do the same.


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