SHARE THIS: 3 must-know findings from ONE’s latest AIDS Report.

On this 25 World AIDS Day, ONE’s new report says 2015 will be the first time the world will be ahead of AIDS. If current rates of acceleration continue, we could achieve the beginning of the end of AIDS –when the number of people newly added to treatment surpasses the number newly infected with HIV – by 2015.

They’ ve put the top three findings into share graphics to help visually break down the exciting progress, and make it easy for you to learn the facts and share them on social media. Use these graphics to spread the word on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter –wherever you do your sharing!

1. Stop using the phrase “AIDS in Africa”


16 African countries are Making serious progress on AIDS, Making this One Size-Fit-All Phase thankfully outdated.

2. Africa is NOT a country –it’s a continent


Stop lumping together unique country progress on AIDS. Let’s celebrate the 16 African countries making a huge dent in the fight.

3. Poor and middle-income countries are doing their part


It’s not just rich countries funding the fight against AIDS.


Post by ONE


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