This unique +SocialGood summit on #GivingTuesday will highlight the vital role that faith communities play in advancing the common good through philanthropy.

Faith+GivingTuesday+SocialGood will connect social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, community organizers, technology developers, nonprofit leaders, government officials, and other innovators. Our three themes are:

Beyond Isolation: for most Americans, while faith can bring people together, faith-based organizations working for the common good tend largely to operate within their own community contexts. Faith+GivingTuesday+SocialGood will help close the communications gaps not only between religiously-identified organizations and the broader third sector, but also between secular organizations and their religiously committed stakeholders.
Beyond Congregations: a substantial proportion of charitable funding for social good flows through organizations rooted in or identified with a religious tradition. Faith+GivingTuesday+SocialGood will celebrate and amplify that important work, while highlighting the foundational role that strong, socially engaged congregations play in vibrant communities.
Beyond Exclusions: too often, faith-based social innovators are kept from the larger conversation about social entrepreneurship—from fellowship competitions to corporate sponsorships to other important avenues of support—because they fear an incompatible agenda. Faith+GivingTuesday+SocialGood will explore not only why faith-based innovators should have a seat at the table, but how their approaches, particularly in community building, add critical value.
Faith+GivingTuesday+SocialGood also will mark the Los Angeles debut of Connected to Give: Faith Communities, a ground-breaking new report from Jumpstart, in cooperation with Indiana University and GBA Strategies. The report, launching on November 25, will highlight the multidimensional nature of religion and giving in America. It also will reveal the influential roles that donors’ religious and spiritual orientations play in household giving to all types of organizations.

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