On the 19th of December 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted REVOLUTION 66/170 to declare 11th October as the International Day of the Girl Child.
     This day was set aside to promote Girls Human Rights, Highlights Gender Inequalities that remain between Boys & Girls and Address the various forms of abuse suffered by Girls around the World.
     Education has been given several definitions and has over the time become controversial in Gender issues across some regions of the world. This is accrued to the fact that these regions do not see the the need for education on the Girl Child. For instance, in certain Regions in Africa, the Girl Child is denied access to education because there is an erroneous notion that she’ll eventually end up in the Husbands Kitchen.
“49% of children are never registered at birth. Lack of documentation often prevents a girl from going to school, denies her access to health and social services and prevents her from getting a job later in life”- GIRL UP
   Unfortunately, this has led to the rise of violent feminism, thereby making the world a competitive ground between the Male and Female Folk. But that as it may, there are several roles that education can play on the Girl Child, one of which is making the Girl Child have a sense of belonging in the society. Generally, people that have a sense of belonging more often than not bring out their best potentials because there is a lot encouragement and an atmosphere to explore to the fullest is created.
      Research has shown that people that feel alienated in certain areas usually feel worthless and end up not being useful to themselves and those around them. Thus, if the Girl Child is alienated from having Sound Education, she’ll be of no use to the society because she feels worthless. This will eventually reduce the level of violent Feminism.
      Big Thanks to Organizations like The United Nations, Girl Up, Girls Effect, Girls Globe, Rubies Ink Initiative, Lace Royals, Nike Foundation and also Great Individuals like Malala Yousafzai, Sir Gordon Brown, Funto Oni,Onagoruwa Ayo, Esther Kalejaiye who feel the Girl Child can’t be left alone and all this Organizations and Individuals have all come out in either empowering Girls or speaking up for their rights to Education.
       According to the United Nations: One in three Women and Girls experience abuse in their life time. Also, More than half of sexual assaults are committed against the Girl child. Globally, More than one in three young Women aged 20-24 years are married before the age of 18.
       An educated Girl Child would also definitely be an Intellectual asset to her Husband, She becomes a priceless jewel and can also make reasonable contributions that would make the society a better place. Giving them a sense of belonging gives them a chance to explore all their potentials bearing in mind that True education cuts excesses.
       According to the UNICEF ” When a Girl stays in secondary school, she is 6X less likely to marry young”.  Through proper education, the excesses of women are curtailed even while trying to explore. Incase we don’t know, education in the life of a girl child, to a very large extent reduces mortality rate. With the Girl Child exposed to Education, she would be able to know the right things to do during pregnancy and also know how to space her Children, as men take little or no cognizance to these details.
       These among other reasons show clearly the role that education plays in the life of Girl Child. I Celebrate Girls All over the World. You are all UNIQUE!

What CAUSE are You fighting for?        ” Use Your Resources to change the Lives of Others.”- Akinola Olamide.

Aigbogun Toby
Social Media Strategist.

Aigbogun Toby


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